Pig Roasts

Pig Roasts
Available all year long!  Minimum of 50 guests, please. 
Whole roasted pig(s), served with BBQ sauces, Sandwich Rolls and butter
Pig, served with 3 picnic side dishes.....$11.95 per person
Pig, served with 4 picnic side dishes.....$12.95 per person
Pig, served with 5 picnic side dishes.....$13.95 per person

Add a cookout entree to your pig roast for $2.50 per person! 
Cookout Entree's  and Side Dish Selections Can Be Found on our cook out page 

Pigs on the Run
Available all year long!  
Slowly roasted whole pigs, delivered to your door ready for the carving. 
Weights are pre-cooked weights.  
General guideline is one pound pre-cooked pig weight per person. 
Not available for on-site carving but we can pre-carve prior to delivery.
75 pound pig.....$355.00        
100 pound pig.....$455.00         125 pound pig.....$555.00