Upgrade to Special Occasion service for 3.00 additional per person

China plates, stainless flatware, linen napkins and service staff 

Hot Buffets

One Entree Selection and Four Side Dish Selections......................12.50 per person
Two Entree Selections and Four Side Dish Selections....................14.00 per person
Three Entree Selections and Four Side Dish Selections..................15.50 per person

​All Hot Buffets include fresh baked rolls and breads with butter

Entree Selections:
Chicken Entree's
*Chicken Breast Supreme (a classic Adeline dish, the ultimate in comfort food!!   Boneless breast of chicken stuffed with a cornbread dressing, baked and topped with a cream sauce)
*Peppery-Provolone Chicken (Boneless and seasoned chicken breasts baked with strips of peppers and provolone cheese)
*Tuscan Chicken (Marinated and grilled chicken breasts, topped with artichoke hearts, diced tomato and leek slices)
*Roasted Chicken Quarters with Garlic chive sauce
*Jamacican Jerk Chicken Thighs (Tender chicken thighs on a skewer, marinated in jerk sauce and grilled)
*Apple Chardonnay Chicken Sausage (Slow cooked sausage made of white meat chicken breasts, apples and chardonnay seasonings, served over yellow rice)
*Butter Baked Chicken Quarters (An old house Recipe!  Chicken quarters brushed with butter and seasoned then baked until fork tender)
*Italian Cordon Bleu (Sliced cappicola, mozzerella cheese and seasonings rolled into a boneless chicken breast and coated in a mixture of Italian bread crumbs and parmesan cheese)
*Traverse City Chicken (Grilled and seasoned chicken breasts topped with dried Michigan cherries and feta cheese)
*Chicken Marsala  (Boneless chicken breasts smothered and baked in rich marsala wine sauce with strips of onion and button mushrooms)
*Country Ranch Chicken (Boneless chicken breasts dipped in ranch sauce and lightly breaded with corn flake crumbs and baked)
*Mushroom-Brie Chicken (Grilled chicken breasts topped with creamy mushroom brie sauce)
*Parmesan Chicken (Seasoned boneless chicken breasts coated in a mix of Italian bread crumbs, seasonings and parmesan cheese)
*Asiago-Asparagus Chicken (Seasoned breasts of chicken topped with petite asparagus spears and asiago cheese)
*Teriyaki Grilled Chicken (Marinated in teriyaki glaze and grilled to perfection)
*Sweet & Sour Grilled Chicken (Chicken breasts marinated in a sweet & sour pineapple sauce and grilled)
*Bruschetta Chicken (Olive oil brushed chicken breasts charbroiled and topped with tomato-basil topping and dabs of goat cheese )
*Wood Chip Smoked Chicken Quarters  (Slowly smoked in a wood chip smoker and served with a Gold BBQ sauce)
*Caprese Chicken (Boneless baked chicken breasts smothered in seasoned spinach, diced roma tomatoes and mozzerella cheese)
*Kentucky Bourbon Barbequed Chicken Breasts (Marinated in a rich Kentucky Bourbon BBQ sauce and grilled)
Cranberry-Brie Chicken  (Boneless chicken breasts topped with creamy brie cheese and cranberries)

*Old Fashioned Roasted Turkey's 

Beef Entree's
*Pot Roast of Beef in Brown Gravy (A classic dish of beef slow cooked and served in brown gravy)
*Sliced Beef AuJus (slices of tender beef in hot auJus)
*Homemade Swedish Meatballs  (Homemade and hand rolled meatballs covered in a rich creamy Swedish sauce)
*AuJus Swiss Beef (Ground beef patty topped with auJus gravy, grilled onion and swiss cheese)
*Beef Tips Marsala (Tender chunks of beef, grilled mushrooms and onions in a Marsala wine sauce served over ziti pasta)
*Beef Stroganoff over Egg Noodles  (Tender chunks of beef with pepper strips, grilled mushrooms and onions in a creamy sour cream based sauce.  Served over Egg noodles)
*Classic Swiss Steak  (Seasoned cubed beef patties and brown gravy simmered until fork tender)
*Old Fashioned Meatloaf  (Topped with tangy tomato sauce)

Pork Entree's

*Country Pork Pot Roast (Slow cooked pork in a creamy pork gravy)
*Westside Kielbasa with Apple-kraut (Slow cooked authentic westside of Grand Rapids kielbasa served with a sweetened apple-kraut)
*Hawaiian Baked Ham (Sliced ham baked with brown sugar and pineapple rings)
*Polynesian Pork Steaks (Grilled pork steaks smothered in a Polynesian pineapple sauce)
*Roasted Porketta (Perfectly seasoned pork roasts slow cooked)

From the Sea
*Parmesan Baked Whitefish (Whitefish marinated in Italian seasonings and coated with grated parmesan cheese)
*Barbecued Grilled Salmon (Tender salmon grilled and topped with a savory BBQ sauce) Suitable for on site grilling
*Pecan Crusted Tilapia (Pecan coated and baked filets of tender tilapia)

Vegetarian Entree's
*Artichoke-Parmesan stuffed Portabello Mushroom cap (Fresh portabella mushroom cap stuffed with a blend of cheeses including parmesan, spices and artichoke hearts)
*Bruschetta Portobello Mushroom Cap (Fresh portobello mushroom cap stuffed with tomato-basil bruschetta and goat cheese crumbles)

For a more expensive menu including Chef carved on site entree's, please visit our Wedding and Special Occasion Web Site at

 Spuds, Salads and Side Dishes
Designer Mashed Potatoes:
Garlic mashed red skins
White cheddar mashed
Asiago mashed yukon gold potatoes
Romano and chive mashed
Pecan topped mashed sweet potatoes
Mashed twice baked potato casserole
Old fashioned mashed potatoes with your choice of brown, pork or chicken gravy
(All of our potato selections are REAL potatoes, NOT the fake type)

Other Fantastic Spuds:
Parsley buttered red & yukon gold potatoes
Herb buttered fingerling potatoes
Traditional Cheddar Cheese AuGratin Potatoes
Old Fashioned scalloped potatoes
Cheddar-bacon new potatoes
 Warm German potatoes
Mashed Sweet Potatoes
Cheddar hashbrown casserole
Traditional wedding potatoes
Roasted sweet potato slices with maple flavoring

Warm Side Dishes
Angel hair pasta ala vodka with pepper strips
Artisan parmesan macaroni & cheese
Asian vegetable rice
Baked corn pudding
Broccoli-rice casserole
Cornbread-cranberry stuffing
Escalloped apples with pecans
Old fashioned bread pudding
Old fashioned macaroni & cheese
Parmesan-risotto with sundried tomatoes
Queso-white cheddar macaroni & cheese
Rice pilaf
Rigatoni marinara
Southern red beans & rice
Spanish rice
Vegetable-pesto orzo
Vegetable-rice jambalaya
Wild rice almondine

Cold Side Dishes 
 Antipasta vegetable salad
Asian kale slaw
Broccoli-bacon salad
Caramel apple salad
Carrot & raisin salad
Cheese-vegetable tortellini salad
Fire roasted corn & black bean salad
Fresh fruit salad
Garden rotini pasta salad
Greek pasta salad
Homemade redskin potato salad
Latin cilantro broccoli slaw
Macaroni & cheddar salad
Marinated cucumber salad
Old fashioned creamy cole slaw
Quinoa vegetable salad
Three bean & pepper salad
Tomato basil couscous
Waldorf salad
Cauliflower and kale salad

Vegetable Selections
Calico corn
Fresh green beans almondine
Sunshine bean medley
Old fashioned green bean casserole
Carrots vichy
Broccoli auGratin
Cauliflower parmesan
Fresh asparagus with hollandaise (seasonal)
Southern fried cabbage
Braised red cabbage with apples
Zucchini & Yellow squash parmesan
Maple syrup baked acorn squash
Brown sugar baked butternut squash
Teriyaki Asian Vegetables
Roasted brussel sprouts with lemon pepper butter
Baby beets and cranberries
Stir fried Italian vegetables 
Fiesta Vegetable blend
Herb roasted parisian carrots
Tuscan roasted asparagus (In season)
White shoepeg corn with cilantro butter

 Design your own Vegetable Medley
Select from steamed with butter OR roasted with olive oil & herbs.  Select up to three fresh vegetables:  Broccoli, cauliflower, baby carrots, brussel sprouts, zucchini, yellow squash, pearl onions, green beans, baby corn, asparagus, pepper strips, eggplant slices or white asparagus (subject to seasonal availability)

Garden House Salad with assorted dressings
Caesar Salad
Leafy fruit salad
Seven Layer Garden Salad

All hot Buffets include fresh baked rolls ad breads with butter