Cook Out's

Upgrade to Special
Occasion service for 3.00 additional per person

China plates, stainless flatware, linen napkins and service staff 

Cook Out Side Dish Selections:
*Homemade Red Potato salad
*American Potato salad
*Homemade AuGratin potatoes
*Cheesy Wedding potatoes
*Twice baked mashed potatoes
*Garlic mashed potatoes
*White cheddar mashed potatoes
*Sweet corn bake
*Roasted herb corn on the cob
*Esclloped apples with pecans
*Fresh fruit salad or platter
*Broccoli-bacon salad
*Caramel apple salad
*Waldorf salad
*Molasses Baked beans
*Pecan mashed sweet potatoes
*Warm German Potatoes
*Cheddar Hashbrown casserole
*Green bean casserole
*Artisan macaroni & cheese
*Old fashioned macaroni & cheese
*Macaroni & cheddar salad
*Garden rotini pasta salad
*Vegetable tortellini pasta salad
*Southern Red Beans & Rice
*Marinated cucumbers
*Southern Fried Cabbage
*Seven layer garden salad
*Braised red cabbage with apples
*White shoepeg cilantro corn

All cookouts carry a minimum of 50 guests for weekdays and 75 guests for weekends. 

Imperial Cookout
.....$16.75 per person
3 Entree selections and 5 Side Dish selections

Deluxe Cookout.....$14.75 per person
3 Entree selections and 3 Side Dish selections

Standard Cookout.....$13.25 per person
2 Entree selections and 3 Side Dish selections

Budget Cookout.....$11.75 per person
1 Entree selection and 3 Side Dish selections

Entree Selections:
*Boneless grilled chicken breasts, Chicken Skewers or Chicken Thighs with your choice of marinates/sauces:
Sweet Pineapple, Teriyaki, Traditional Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce, Kentucky Bourbon BBQ sauce, Chipotle Citrus BBQ Sauce OR Carolina Gold Sauce 

*BBQ Chicken Quarters
*Quarter Pound Beef Burger (with buns & condiments)
*Grilled Ham Steaks with Sweet Pineapple sauce
*Polynesian Pork steaks
*BBQ OR Pesto Grilled Salmon
*Wild caught grilled Alaskan Pollack
*All Beef Hot dogs (with buns & condiments)
*BBQ Beef or Pork Rib's
*Salmon Burgers (with buns & condiments)
*Vietnamese Chicken Sausage
*Apple Sage Pork Sausage Links
*Westside Kielbasa
*Grilled Italian sausage
*Smoked Polish Sausage
*Cajun Sausage
*Apple Chardonay Chicken Sausage
*German Bratwursts
(all sausages come with fresh buns and appropriate condiments)
*Chicken Kebob
*Beef Steak Kebob
*Shrimp Kebob
*Pork Kebob

Or substitute a Steak Entree:
*Sizzler Steak (6 ounce---please add 1.50 per person)
*New York Strip Steak  (8 ounce----please add 3.00 per person)
*T-bone Steak  (12 ounce----please add 6.00 per person)
*Prime Rib Steak (12 ounce----Please add 4.00 per person)

 Down South Crawfish Boil

Boiled on Site.........
Pots of Crawfish, Shrimp, Cajun Sausage, Potatoes, Onions and corn, cooked until tender tasty!
Ready to be ladled with plenty of  melted butter and served on tin pie plates  along side corn muffins 
16.75 per person

Substite Lobster Tails for the Crawfish and Shrimp for an additional 5.00 per person

Featured Picnic

A Summer Favorite!

Includes all of the following:
All beef hot dogs and hamburgers,
served with appropriate buns and condiments
Grilled chicken breasts, served with sauces
American potato salad
Creamy coleslaw
Fresh fruit salad
Molasses baked beans
Assorted munchies
Herb roasted corn on the cob
 Assorted cookies

Pricing based on group size:
50 - 100 guests.....$12.50 per person
101-200 guests.....$12.25 per person
201 - 300 guests.....$12.00  per person
301 - 400 guests.....$11.75 per person
401 - 500 guests.....$11.50  per person
501 - 600 guests.....$11.25 per person
601 - 1000 guests.....$11.00  per person
1001 - 2000 guests.....$10.50 per person
2001 or more guests.....$10.00  per person

Kebob Extravaganza
Select Three types of Kebobs:
  Carribean Chicken (white meat chicken breast, pineapple, pepper and onion chunks marinated in a carribean marinate)
Bourbon Chicken (white meat chicken breast, pepper and onion chunks, cherry tomatoes, marinated in a Bourbon BBQ sauce)
Buffalo Beef (tender chunks of beef, pepper and onion chunks, cherry tomatoes, marinated in a mild Buffalo sauce)
Marsala Beef (tender chunks of beef, mushroom caps, chunks of onion, marinated in a marsala wine sauce)
Polynesian Pork (chunks of pork tenderloin, pineapple, pepper and onion chunks, cherry tomatoes, marinated in a polynesian-pineapple sauce)
Savory Shrimp (large whole shrimp, cherry tomatoes, chunks of pepper and onion, marinated in a zesty marinate)
Italian Sausage (mildly seasoned and sliced italian sausage, cherry tomatoes, mushroom caps and pepper chunks, marinated in an italian marinara)
Portabella-Vegetarian (chunks of portabella mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, pepper and onion chunks and sliced summer squash, marinated in a zesty marinate)
BBQ Meatball (a Grand Rapids Favoirte!  marinated in Sweet & Tangy BBQ sauce and skewered with pepper and onion chunks)

Select Four Side dishes to complete your Kebob Extravaganza

Served with fresh baked dinner rolls and breads with butter

$18.95 per person